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Our Corporate Clients


Corporate Clients

    1. DITS Bhiwani,
    2. Forest Deptt. Gurgaon, New Delhi, Bhiwani, Hisar
    3. Haryana Forest Development Corporation, Gurgaon, Rohtak & Hisar
    4. Authentic Controls Pvt. Ltd. Manesar
    5. Authentic Engineers. Manesar
    6. Sherwood Convent School, DLF Gurgaon                AMC   350000/-
    7. Benchmark Internet Group Pvt. Ltd.
    8. Mingle Brain Study pack Inc. LLP
    9. KC Kortal India Pvt. Ltd.
    10. Ebro India Pvt Ltd, Karnal / Gurgaon                                   
    11. Birdeye Software India Pvt Ltd.                                AMC   150000/-
    12. Pricol Limited, Manesar Plant 4 and Plant 9
    13. Lancer Tools Pvt. Ltd.
    14. Rubber Spare Industries Pvt. Ltd, Bhiwadi / Gurgaon
    15. Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd., Binola Gurgaon
    16. Varroc Engg Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad, New Delhi, Pantnagar, Noida, Pathredi and Gurgaon
    17. Discovery Journeys India Pvt. Ltd.                            AMC   165000/-
    18. Chapri Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.                             AMC   550000/-
    19. India Japan Lighting Pvt Ltd., Bawal
    20. Padmini VNA Pvt Ltd.
    21. Tokai Rubber India Pvt Ltd., Neemrana
    22. Vaidic Test House, Bawal                                          AMC   75000/-
    23. Sanko Svance JRG Tooling India Private Limited 
    24. Micro Moulds Engg. and Micro Plast , Sector 37 Gurgaon   AMC   55000/-
    25. Solo Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon                       AMC   45000/-
    26. PJ Networks Pvt Ltd., New Delhi      Support / AMC           1660000/-
    27. Sadashiva Infrasteel Pvt Ltd. Bawal
    28. Lexir Resources Pvt Ltd. Sohna Raod and Sector 37 Gurgaon
    29. Novus Technologies Pvt Ltd. Manesar
    30. Tulika Appliances Pvt Ltd, Manesar


…………………And Many More

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